Enscape Apple Silicon Native or Universal

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  • I recently discovered that Chaos has created a Mac version of Enscape. That is GREAT news! I am very excited about that!

    I see that Enscape Mac is built for Intel and requires Rosetta to run on Macs with Apple Silicon processors (ie. M1, etc.). If I could be so bold as to ask...

    Are there any plans for having an Apple Silicon Native or Universal version of Enscape for Mac? If so, any chance there might be a timeframe that can be shared?

    I'm very hopeful that Apple Silicon is on the roadmap, maybe already in development or possibly even soon to be released! ;)

  • Hi ajmwd and welcome to our forum!

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    Regarding Apple silicon - no official public info yet, but based on the fact that all new Macs have Apple silicon only (meaning Rosetta will be gone some day), the answer would be easy to guess ;)

    There is a lot of work on Mac version going on to bring it in sync with Windows version feature wise, but no timeframe yet.

  • Hello Alexander.

    Thanks for the update. I figured the 'disabled' status had something to do with moderation and I thought that maybe with the holidays, there might be some lag to catch up on those requests. Thanks for 'enabling' me. :-)

    Thanks also for the info on the Apple Silicon native version. Glad to hear that the Mac version has a lot going on. I'll keep watching for when the Apple Silicon version is available. I'm excited to get into it!

  • Any update on whether an Apple Silicon native version has been released? I know I asked less than a month ago, but since I have not been able to install/use Enscape Mac yet, I was unsure how to tell. I see that the current version of Enscape looks to be 3.4. The Mac installer I downloaded at the beginning of Jan 2033 says version 1.1.19+921. I'm not sure how those relate to each other and I wasn't able to find anything on the website about the current Mac version log. I do see on the https://learn.enscape3d.com/bl…ystem-requirements-macos/ page that it lists Apple M1 compatibility, BUT... I'm not sure if that was always there OR if that is new since it doesn't say "Apple M1 Native" and might just be referring to working under Rosetta.

    Any update or a place to keep track of the version would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • Hello ajmwd

    Recent Mac version release was a hotfix for Gatekeeper issue on Ventura and a few other issues with user account management.

    This version still uses Rosetta to run on M1. No native Apple silicon version was released yet. All I can tell is that a lot of work is going on right now.

    All updates with changes can be found on this forum in Mac section Mac Exclusive Discussions & Feedback and Error | Bug Reports

  • Hello Alexander Devaykin. Thanks for the quick response, explanation and link. I went to that link, but I wasn't able to see what the current Mac version is? Is the current version 1.1.19+921?

    Unfortunately, I also wasn't able to find a Mac Downloads page that might show the current version. In fact, the only way I can find to download is to "Enter Business Email" and click <Get My Free Trial>. I don't remember specifically, but I presumed that's how I got the installer I have now, likely from a link I received in an email? Is that the method to get the installer?

    Sorry for so many questions. I just want to know how to keep track of current version and the log of changes. With that info I will be able to tell when the Apple Silicon native version becomes available. Thanks for your help.

  • You are welcome - this is what the forum is here - to ask questions ;)

    There is a link in that forum post that leads to download page: after updating Enscape

    Download page also shows version 1.1.20+931 and change log.

  • Pistol can't give you precise date, but next big Mac release is planned for this autumn/winter this year (plans may change). It will be a huge update with lots of features that are missing currently compared to Windows version, and native Apple Silicon support of course. Also preview versions will be published a few months before the release as usual.