Turning on Site Context Flattens Model Lighting

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  • Been having the strangest issue with my model lately in that during the daytime, it appears as if all artificial lights just stop working and the shadow/lighting depth of the image is flattened. This was strange as a few weeks ago when I last worked on the model I wasn't having this issue at all. The only thing I had changed since then was I added site context. I then discovered that if I have site context showing at all, all lighting in the model gets bizarrely flattened (night time works fine however).

    This issue happens even if my model is set to color mode - though the model at the moment doesn't have materials assigned.

    It also happens to rooms without any windows or views to the outside which shouldn't be affected by anything going on outside. Its as if the entire model takes on the "polystyrol" setting with light bleeding through everywhere, flattening the whole image.

    Needless to say, this feature can't be used at all with how it destroys lighting in the model. Which is a shame since for some of our projects like this one, showing "the view" is helpful information. I don't remember having this issue at all with site context in past versions.

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    Thanks for the report skhayward - Just to make sure it's caused by that, can you try to reduce the Rendering Quality to Medium or even Draft to see if that "helps"? It should lower/disable our Gi implementation and thus reduce/eliminate color bleeding. This may be a workaround for you, but I would of course understand if you do not wish to deal with the reduction in overall quality.

    Thank you again already in advance.

  • Draft mode looks the same as the second picture above as far as lighting is concerned with site context on or off. The lighting is equally flattened in both cases.

    On medium, where the lighting is more detailed, turning off site context has it looking closer to the first image and when enabled dramatically reduces the quality of lighting to look like draft mode, which looks similar to the second image. The same follows through on high and ultra settings.