Which version of Enscape to download for Mac 2019 SketchUp

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  • I'm wondering which version of Enscape would work for my Macbook (Big Sur version 11.6.14) with a 2019 version of Sketchup. Since the Enscape 1.1.19+921 seem to only work for Sketchup 2021 & 2022, I'm wondering which version would work with my Sketchup 2019 on Mac. Thank you.

    - I've tried downloading Version1.1.19+921, but the application cannot be open after installation. Emailed their customer support but didn't hear back a thing, if anyone knows how to fix this problem it'd be greatly appreciated!

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    ejuan , welcome to our Forum.

    You should've heard back from support by now I reckon? Just in case you somehow did not receive a message back yet, I'm afraid SketchUp 2019 is not supported (with any version) when it comes to Enscape for Mac. Hopefully you have a chance to upgrade to either SU 21 or 22.

    Just to make sure, please also check our system requirements in case your machine may run into any issues regarding opening / using Enscape.

  • Hi, thank you so much for responding!

    No, unfortunately, I still have not heard back from Enscape.

    I found out I actually have a Sketchup 2020 version, and after more search I found Enscape 2.7.1 seem to work with SU20 Mac.

    I'm wondering where I can download this version using the education license?

    I found a link to Enscape 2.7.1 (found in Version History under Windows) but I'm looking for mac : https://enscape3d.com/version-history/

    Any lead is appreciated. Thank you!

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    ejuan , SketchUp 2020 is also not supported for Enscape on Mac I'm afraid. As detailed, both 2021 and 2022 of SU are though.

    There is unfortunately no previous release of Enscape for Mac that did support SU 2020 either.

    If you have a chance to upgrade though, then be aware that you can always acquire our latest Mac release here.