Laptop for enscape

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    Hi everyone

    I’m looking to buy a laptop which can easily be used for enscape if not possible a fix pc. Can someone reccomand me a brand or a specific computer?

    Thank you so much

    It's never easy to reccomend a specific brand or specific computer as budget, location and specific needs are never the same for each person, but I'd love to provide some recommendations regarding which hardware especially is suited for Enscape.

    Right away, you can always refer to our system requirements here where as the VR specs are generally a great recommendation for a capable machine, even if you're not using VR.

    Should you have even more budget to spare, you could go with a GPU from NVIDIA's 4xxx series like the 4070, 4080 or potentially even 4090, although the later will likely be overkill for you.

    While the CPU itself is important, the GPU / Graphics card does most of the work - So, if you can let me know which graphics card you will potentially go for, I can let you know what CPU would be fitting, although feel free to look up what would be a good pairing yourself if you like of course once you've made a decision.

    I'd personally reccomend to build fixed PC if possible due to the better price performance ratio, but I can also understand wanting to go with a laptop or pre-built desktop since that is of course the easier option.

    So last but not least, if you can also let me know your budget, where you are located ideally and whether or not you'd want to use VR in the future, I can narrow down my recommendations even further.

    Thanks in advance! :)

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    That is not a bad PC at all to be used with Enscape - In my own machine I have the 3070 installed as well and it's a great match for Enscape. You only have to worry about the amount of VRAM (graphics card memory) of the 3070 (8GB) if you plan to work with very large and detailed scenes - Should that be the case I'd reccomend going with the 3070 Ti instead. :)

    Other sites (or models with the same GPU) may provide even better deals than what you linked above as you'll also be paying for the amount of fans and looks potentially - If that is the machine you feel like purchasing though then feel free!

    If any other questions come up regarding this subject please let me know, I'm happy to help.