Asset Library Announcement: Enscape People Extension Package

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    Dear Forum Community,

    We've just released our Enscape People Extension Package - These 50 new Assets will be marked with the "new" label the first time when opening the Asset Library and can also be easily found later on through the tag "exclusive":

    The call for more variety in the Enscape Asset Library is always a popular user request, which is why we’re happy to introduce a new asset package. But this isn’t just any asset package. What makes this one special is that the collection of people assets we’re adding to the library is unique to Enscape—you won’t find them anywhere else!

    Exciting and innovative technology:

    Mid-last year, Enscape invested in a 3D scanner that lets us scan real-life people and turn them into assets. An exciting and innovative technology, the scanner enables our team of 3D artists to carry out requests through independent asset creation.

    Our plan is to gradually add even more diverse people assets (and more) to this collection starting in 2023!

    Feel free to keep forwarding any of your additional Asset Library requests via our Enscape Portal here - This way both product management and our 3D artists will be able to see your further requests.

    Info: There is currently a bug that excludes MacOS version to get new assets. We're working on resolving this behavior as quickly as possible of course.