HTC Vive XR Elite

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    Will the XR Elite headset just announced by HTC be compatible with Enscape's VR feature?

    The standalone features of the device will highly likely not be supported by Enscape anytime soon - If it's possible to connect this device wireless or wired through SteamVR, it could very well function mostly as expected. But I reckon this defeats the purpose again of it being a standalone device by nature.

    As usual, you can of course forward your wish to product management via our portal but there is no further news I can share right now.

  • Hi, not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but is anyone running the new HTC Vive XR Elite through Viveport/Steam/Enscape successfully? We are considering upgrading our Vive Cosmos to the XR Elite. We have never had any issues running the cosmos through steam/viveport with Enscape. Just trying to get some verbal confirmation from the forum before pulling the trigger on the new headset.

  • Yes I am, it does but it is finicky. The headset works through both vive and steam, but it requires a restart of the headset if you want to switch between two models, which is a pain in the middle of a meeting. I run it tethered to a PC via a USB-C cable so I can't speak on how it works wirelessly. Make sure your PC has a USB-C outlet that supports 30w power otherwise you will find that it will not even turn on assuming you're running it off cables.

  • Thanks for the reply! Thats good to know you can use it with the current Enscape through Viveport and Steam. I have never had to switch between two models in the middle of a meeting, but will keep that in mind. We just purchased the wireless adapter for the Vive Cosmos, since the cord is the biggest complaint from users. I am hesitant to spend the $1K on the XR Elite without knowing of any true upgrades that we will enjoy vs. the Cosmos (with wireless adapter).

  • I'm sure you can run the model off the battery just fine, but I can't imagine you'll get more than ten minutes viewing time without switching batteries. I find just resetting it drains 10-15% of the battery. Unfortunately, every wireless headset is held back right now by battery technology.

  • I have extensive use with the original Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive Pro. Comparing two 2015 and 2018 headsets to a 2023 headset is foolish if I'm being honest. Everything from viewing angle to resolution has increased vastly. The only aspect that's similar is the refresh rate. A increased refresh rate could help with motion sickness but that is also affected by the power of your source computer. I would recommend to find the best headset for you. For viewing Enscape, a wired capable headset is still the way to go for viewing time and performance. But everyone has their priorities and having a VR capable PC is honestly equal if not more important than the headset itself.