panorama / environment personalization

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  • Hi everyone,

    is there a way to move the panorama horizon along Z? I'm asking because I have to do a high-floor flat apartment and the standard horizon is way too high to be believable.

    As a work around I tried to add a scene plate in front of the windows, however, it occludes the rays of the sun, is there a way to exclude a surface to project shadows?

    Last question, is there a way to set the north in Enscape without rotating the geometry?

    Thanks, Riccardo

    • Official Post

    rikkarlo , it's not currently possible to re-position the panorama horizon I'm afraid - Be ware that you can instead of course also always import your own background (-> click for more info) of which there are plenty of free ones available online. One page being this one here for example, where you might find a fitting one already.

    Furthermore it isn't possible to exclude objects/surfaces from producing shadows, but please feel free to forward it as a request as well using our portal.