HP Reverb G2 V2 - crash - controls?

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  • I have a Dell XPS17 ( Nvidia RTX 2060 ) with a HP Reverb G2 V2. I am using Enscape 3.4.3 in Vectorworks 2023


    Only 1 on 10 projects open.. Just a few walls work. Mostly everything crashes.

    What can be the problem? Graphics card or Intel i7 10875H - 8 cores ?


    What are the controlls/buttons for the controllers? I get completely lost..


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    Eprox , welcome to our Forum.

    Regarding 1.:

    Right away if Enscape works outside of VR, you can try to disable Ray Tracing and DLSS entirely via the Enscape General Settings -> First tab (Rendering). If that makes no difference, simply submit us a feedback report with log files and we can look into this further.

    Regarding 2.:

    The controls should be similar to the layout you see here in our VR knowledgebase article. Since we do not (yet) support the Reverb G2 officially so to speak, the controller models inside of VR may differ alongside the controls themselves. Be aware that we also support "standard" controllers" (detailed further down the page) if that may at least for navigation purposes be something you wish to try too/instead.