Scene from sketchup to enscape

  • Hello,

    when i prepare all my scenes on sketchup and when i want to render them in enscape (batch render) the focal is different , like if if is a big angle.

    why ?

    thanks for your help :Pouce en l'air:


    Thank you for your further inquiry.

    Right away, please be aware that batch rendering will take the FOV (Field of View) into account which you may have saved alongside for each view as we detail here:…base/link_view_to_preset/

    Please also make sure that "View Synchronization" is not enabled when batch rendering as that can cause problems as well. At the moment, batch rendering will also not take the Field of View setup in SketchUp into account, so please adjust your linked settings instead and/or make sure that they're linked in the first place.

    Let me know if you still run into any further issues afterward.

  • I never used batch render.. so I tried now.. seems good except I've learned that..

    1 - Using one visual setting with focal point set to Auto Focus for several views doesn't work well.. Maybe it doesn't even for one. When I rendered images manually they were in focus but batch render is quite out of focus even though Depth of Field (amount of it) is set to only 10 %.

    Manual render


    I rendered 3 elevations, 2 perspective views, one 2PP view and, plan orthographic. OK I rendered 2PP view with the same settings for Auto Focus and it seemed to work correctly in that case.. So I can not say if it is a problem with Auto Focus or Perspective view. Plus those perspective view were only one which differ in file size considerably (manual vs batch).. I guess because blury images are lighter on jpg.. ?

    2 - When I render manually ENS keeps last used visual setting. I was expecting the same on batch rendering so I linked only my first elevation to its preset.. But in butch it comes back to the same setting (now when I wrote it seems logical). I mean it doesn't leave the last used setting in the batch process, but instead it comes back to the setting currently used in ENS preview window. In my head batch was just a series of snapshots so I was expecting that for not linked view it will just use the previous views setting. I can understand that aim was to treat batch as a whole process and came back in the end to the same setting as it was before batch render started. But in my opinion it would be more consistent behavior if it came back to that setting only after the batch render is done. In between it should keep visual settings until it is specifically assigned new linked setting.. This way batch would behave more similar with manual render. Less confusion on using new function..