Materials, Archicad not showing in render, Revit

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  • I cant find any tread to the same problems that i have so i am trying here.

    I am working on a house that has been sendt to me as an .Ifc file from Archicad. I am working in Revit. I have replaced the walls, roof, etc. But not the windows. I can not edit them either, therefore i need to keep them in the project.

    To the problem... When i open the project in with Enscape the materials on the objects from Archicad do not show. But when i switch from "Appearance" to "Graphics" the materials from Archicad appears, but then my Revit materials do not show. I have tried to open the window family but there is no geometry to select...

    What can i do to fix this problem?

    Please see attachments.

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    Welcome to our Forum Tomeli .

    Right away, does this behavior continue to persist when you try editing/replacing the textures as well using our material editor (in which you should see the materials used when the Material Selection is set to Appearance):…se/materials_in_archicad/

    We generally do not reccomend using the native ArchiCAD material editor instead of ours, as it supports only a texture and a transparency value (as seen when switching to the Graphics material selection) – generally not necessarily sufficient to create decent complex renderings.

    If the above does not help or I'm missing something please let me know.