Distorted Perspective

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  • I am self taught. I may not know the easy solutions.

    I created scenes last week via sketchup and created really nice snapshots with enscape.

    This week i opened the sketchup model & enscape because i had a few revisions but, when i create my snapshots, the perspective views are distorted from last week.

    Does anyone know why & how to fix this? The one on the left is last weeks and the right side is today....incorrect perspective.

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    Hi DeeDee , thanks for your inquiry.

    Allow me to copy a reply of mine which I've shared regarding a similar behavior before:

    Right away, please be aware that (batch) rendering will take the FOV (Field of View) into account which you may have saved and connected to each view as we detail here: https://learn.enscape3d.com/bl…base/link_view_to_preset/

    Please also make sure that "View Synchronization" is not enabled when (batch) rendering as that can cause problems as well. At the moment, batch rendering will also not take the Field of View setup in SketchUp into account, so please adjust your linked Enscape settings instead and/or make sure that they're linked in the first place.

    If that doesn't help please kindly get back to me again.