Enscape Trial

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  • Hi there chasNEO !

    I'm a bit confused, as I've renewed your trial before:

    Trial Version Issue

    Or is this a different machine? If so, then I will require a new machine fingerprint like you've sent me before. Should this still be the same machine, then I can renew that trial instead once more.

    Just let me know, thanks in advance.

  • Hi Demian,

    Sorry for the confusion - I previously installed and tested out the program on my personal computer.
    I am currently using the same computer now at my new job and was hoping to show my bosses before making the purchase.

    So it would be the same machine fingerprint. Hope this is okay

    Thank you

  • The existing trial license (see your inbox) I've sent you before has been reactivated, so use that to activate Enscape once more please. :)