Revit 2019 - Enscape material creation workflow.

  • Hey all first time poster! Above image is for reference.

    I am currently using Revit 2019 with the most current version of Enscape. I am creating a updated "PBR" material library for my work, I have noticed Revit now supports normal maps and some other advanced controls for shaders and such, along with allowing image or bitmaps to drive parameters of the material rather than a numbered slider.

    I have a few questions.

    What material parameters / image maps does Enscape pick up and use from the Revit material? We use third party material services such as and for a lot of our 3ds Max work, and we are trying to make a few custom material from them in Revit for rendering or visualization in Enscape. They have alot of map types, but I am not sure if Enscape will pick up on these during rendering or use.

    Map Types:



    Ambient occlusion

    Displacement map 8 /16 bit


    Normals 8 / 16 Bit


    Which of these map types would be usable for rendering in Enscape? I am applying maps and trying to test to see the effect, but some of it is very subtle or doesn't look like anything is happening.

    Another question I have is, where do the maps that would work in the Revit material for Enscape be placed?

    I assume Color would take the Diffuse and or Albedo map, along with the bump parameter / setting would probably use the displacement / normal maps on either the height or normal setting.

    Where should I plug in these maps types into the new revit PBR material to get the effect in enscape?

    Also Why does the revit material preview display one color and the enscape renders in another? Is this due to the lighting of the sun? Along with time and day? I tried making a room closed off no windows etc and I still get a color shift in enscape. Its as if the walls are some what transparent and the HDRI map is bleeding into the interiors.

    Any resources on Enscape material libraries that are not the stock autodesk ones? or are better?

    Thanks for all the help, Cheers!


  • Hi Brandonjblair, welcome to our forum.

    Have you already checked our knowledgebase article…evit-material-parameters/?

  • Hi Brandonjblair, welcome to our forum.

    Have you already checked our knowledgebase article…evit-material-parameters/?

    Yes I have I understand all that, but it doesn't say anything about supporting normals... is that just assumed to be bump?

    I read on a forum posted here that if you put "myimage_n.jpg" as the image name the _n is meant to be for normal? and it will read that as a normal map in enscape?

    Edit: Found that normals are supported. Cheers

    Still wondering how to use "Advanced highlight controls" in the revit 2019 pbr materials within enscape. I cant see the effect.