Reduced size of camera and path

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  • I think it would be great if it was possible to reduce the size of the camera and camera path. Or even make them more transparent.
    For interior animation they often obscures the view which makes it harder to compose the view.

  • While nosing about the Enscape installation folders I found "videoPathPattern.png" - it's a PNG file, so has an embeded alpha (transparency) channel. In theory this could be edited to make the path transparent with slightly less transparent arrows.

    However this is mucking about with Enscape install and should not be condoned or encouraged. And any edit will be over-written again when you install the latest version.

  • Pixero I'd recommend to scout the most important positions before entering the Video and save them as View/Scene.

    But you always can exit the video editor by hitting "K"/"Esc" on your keyboard. Once you composed your view just enter the video editor by hitting "K" again.