Live update in new version of Enscape (2.3.3) is too slow

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  • Hello! We are trying Enscape new version 2.3.3. It is really work better but we have note that there are some problems:

    1. Live update is too slow and with Revit sometimes it dosen't work (it is not only in new version, in last version it was the same).

    2. Some textures are flicker

    3. New library can "thinking" too long

    Could you advise something to fix it?

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    Hey POLINA KOLODKINA , sorry to hear about these problems.

    Regarding problem 1. and 3. could you please send us Feedback using the [Feedback] button in the Enscape context menu? Please make sure that 'Include Logfiles into feedback' is checked in the Enscape Feedback window and add your forum name or some other reference as well, so we may connect the provided data to this post. This way, we should get all the information necessary to identify the cause of these issues.

    Further, regarding problem 2. could you make sure that you don't have any surfaces overlapping each other, as this may very well cause texture flickering. In case you don't have any overlapping surfaces, could you please send me a short video showing the problem or the project file at hand itself? If you're sending over the project, please be so kind as to also provide me a short description where I can find the flickering textures. :)

    Thank you in advance!

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    POLINA KOLODKINA , have you already send us Feedback? If yes, which e-mail address did you use in the submission form? :)

    Further, regarding problem 2, it would be very helpful if you could send me the project file and/or a short video of this behavior.

    Thanks a lot in advance. ;)