Crash with complex projets

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  • Hello,

    I am under vectroworks 2023 sp2, Windows 10 RAM 128Gb and Nvidia Quattro RTX5000 8GB VRAM.

    When I run Enscape with a fairly complex project that contains a lot of plants for example, Enscape often crashes at startup.

    To avoid this, I have to launch Enscape with only one layer displayed and activate the other layers one after the other, slowly.

    I think my configuration is powerful, I wonder why Enscape does not accept the project with all layers displayed at startup.

    For information, when the project is fully loaded, my RAM is at 30%, the graphics processor at 5% so at very low values.
    All of my drivers are up to date ;)



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    Whenever you experience crashes like these, feel free to also submit a dedicated feedback report as detailed here. This way our technical support team will get back to you with a solution / explanation as to why you experience this behavior exactly.

    Thanks a lot in advance.