Indication of the date and time

  • Hello,

    Currently when exporting videos, it does not seem possible to integrate a date and time indicator. This is kind a shame, because it is not possible to locate in time during the shading study for example.

    This is certainly not much, because it exists in virtual reality mode (without the date of the day, which is important for shadows).

    If I missed a feature, I apologize for this comment

    Of course, I congratulate you for this good general work.

  • Hey Thib , thanks a lot for your feedback and welcome to our forum. :)

    What you wish for has already been requested by other users, so it's already filed as a dedicated feature request on our agenda. Through your voice I've added a further upvote to the topic. ;)

    Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

  • as a further update to this, still hoping to see the time appear.

    It would be nice to able to step through time using UI keys in a set incement, like hours or minutes

    that lets us do sun studies really fast, at the moment the jump in time seems random (based on graphics card speed ?)

    to be able to set a step in hours, step in 30 minutes, step in 15 minutes etc would be very handy

    something in scene preferences (saved with file) would be fine.

    many thanks