Transparency issues in Enscape for Mac from SketchUp

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  • Can someone help explain why this is happening and not rendering correctly? I'd like a solution, not a workaround—I have one of those. I ask this way because Enscape for Mac seems to be more about coming up with workarounds rather than the product actually working. :/

    Why aren't I seeing the big underlapping transparent orange wall behind the big overlapping transparent blue wall? Circled in red. Both of these walls are polycarbonate structures. Why does it work with the two single-wall transparent overlapping surfaces (in the upper right) but not with the transparent double-wall polycarbonate surfaces? My workaround is to make the polycarbonate with only single surfaces front/back, but that's not accurate. You can see it works in the far upper right corner example where they're single wall construction.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Are the SketchUp surfaces double sided faces? If both sides of two single surfaces are transparent, it'll render more transparency. But if the inner surfaces of a box are not transparent, it will render less transparently. Calculating transparency through two single surfaces is also going to be less computationally expensive than rendering transparency between two double walled surfaces.

  • Phil Read

    Yes, the SU surfaces are double-sided faces and both are transparent. The inside/back face is not the solid default material, I took care to paint both front/back faces transparent. It SHOULD translate into Enscape but it doesn't. Yes, I understand calculating transparency between two double-walled surfaces will be more computationally expensive, but it should still work. The issue seems to be that Enscape can't properly render double-walled faces as transparent when overlapped as I've shown above.