Why are some of my objects/parts of my project not or improperly displayed in reflections?

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    Rebrand0778 , I'm afraid this is not something which we can easily "fix" perse. It's also something we're constantly working on improving though, you can be assured of that. In the meantime the article information still stands. :)

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    Changed the title of the thread from “Why are some of my objects/parts of my project not displayed in reflections?” to “Why are some of my objects/parts of my project not or improperly displayed in reflections?”.
  • Hello There!

    I'm really sorry for the Necro-post here, but there is still a problem with the mirrors.

    You can clearly see the right mirror has some bugs displaying the reflected light, something like a grey shadow (which actually does not exists) . Also, there is a glitch with the objets reflected (the towel and the faucet) .

    There is any "trick" in order to try to solve this issue?

    I tried everything i could: Maximun possible render quality, every sky setting with HDRI sky, with non-sky, and even deleting the window. I used a proper enscape Asset with the mirror, instead of archicad object but im still having the issue.

    I'm currently running the latest version of the software along with ray-tracing capable hardware and the latest driver version.


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    Hi Guighemi , thanks for your post.

    Some reflections like these especially in bathrooms and such can still be tricky I'm afraid, but, if your hardware allows it which it should since the scene isn't too large, you could also fake the reflection by copying the whole scene and placing it behind the mirror, which would then be converted into a transparent window basically.

    There is a video from a user also active here which showcases what I refer to, only in SketchUp, but the idea can be translated into ArchiCAD too of course:

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    I hope this helps. It's not a perfect workaround but can be viable in scenes like these.