Sharp "flying" shade in Enscape using VWX

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  • Hello,

    I have contacted already Enscape service and an Architect who is working a lot with Enscape but noone could help so far.

    I use VWX 2023 with SP 3, the newest Enscape version, graphic cards and drivers are fully updated. Uninstall and reinstall both programs didn't make any differences.

    When I try to render a project with a referenced terrain model I have a very strange and confusing shadow on the whole render.

    Sometimes its one big shadow and sometimes up to four seperate shadows.

    The shadows are very sharp so it an't be from the surrounding trees, I checked many times if there is a hidden object flying in the model, but there is nothing...

    As you can see in the following pictures, the shadow is even seen inside the buildings.

    If there is someone who can help me out I would appreciate it a lot!

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    cschienbein , thanks for your report.

    As per the e-mail you've received from our support team which was troubleshooting this further, you will currently also have to downgrade your AMD drivers to version 22.5.1.

    Our apologies for this inconvenience but be assured that we're working on resolving this issue as quickly as possible, we're currently in touch with AMD too for that.