College Instructor requesting additional student license information

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    I teach SketchUp and Enscape in the Interior Design Program at Bellevue College in Seattle, WA. I, along with my students, am saddened by the sharp increase in your pricing for students, especially for students like mine who currently need the program for 1/3 of a quarter as an intro Freshman class and then probably won't use the software for another year. While I understand the need for some compensation, I think you might not realize that $150 / year is a steep price for many students. In comparison, the academic version of SketchUp is $59 / yr and Revit is free.

    My college had 3 students who were finalists in SketchUp's College Ascent competition this year, and they all used Enscape. Pricing your software so that it's affordable and in reach of many students will ensure they become proficient at the college level and continue to utilize it as professionals. And as a department, we need to factor in its affordability to students when choosing which software to teach.

    I have a specific question about your current pricing model. Your Academic page seems to insinuate that students can purchase a monthly subscription, which makes much more sense for my students, but then I don't see any options to purchase month-to-month. Is this true?

    Thanks for the information to share with my department and students.

    Diane Dieterich

    Bellevue College

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    dldieterich2 , I'm aware of course that adding a price to our student licenses will be a downside to plenty, but on the other hand we're now able to offer quicker support and since they now receive a floating license instead of just a fixed-seat, the usability should also be improved, due to them not having to revoke the license each time they switch from one machine to another among other advantages.

    Also, it's currently not possible to purchase a educational monthly subscription as a student, but please feel free to get in touch with our educational department itself via to share the feedback you shared here as they will want to receive it especially. Generally if any other educational inquiries come up I can only advice contacting them as they'll be best suited with assisting you further.

    If any other inquiries come up regarding Enscape, let me know as well anytime.