Enscape Material Editor vs Revit Appearance Tab

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  • I've recently noticed an issue where the changes made in the Enscape Material Editor are not syncing to the Revit Appearance Tab...this screenshot shows the same material (originally from the Enscape Material Library, just changed the name). I've remapped the textures inside the Enscape editor, but those changes are not appearing in the Appearance tab of the Revit Material Editor. I notied this when I tried to use Transfer Project Standards to copy over several new/revised materials between projects. Conversely, if I try to make changes in the Revit Material Editor, none of those changes show up under the Enscape Editor.

    At first I thought it was something I did as far as not using the Generic material type, but not only is this one already Generic, its a pre-made Enscape material...all I've done is try to change textures.

    Am I missing something?

  • For this reason, listed above, I do not use the Enscape material library with Revit - only the Enscape material editor. I would recommend adding materials the old fashion way through the Revit material editor as Generic Appearance Type.

  • Ah good to know, thanks Phil! Actually, that's coincidentally what precipitated discovering this issue, I've gone through and replaced all materials with new custom ones that are higher-res than the Enscape library.