Use of A.I. Artificial Intelligence in Enscape to Render design options?

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  • This is a neat gimmick but has nothing to do with what enscape is used for and isn't even a good output to tweak renders with... It's purely a tool to do iterative/brainstorm design, and even then I'd argue it's more like a toy.

    The only purpose AI could have in the near term in making actual renders would maybe be taking over the "polish in photoshop" stage, which these days I almost never have to do anyways. Would hate for the team to waste time doing a gimmick feature like this.

    Call me in 2-3 years when this stuff is good enough to have some true precision. Prompting is such a huge waste of time, the latest buzzword fueld by marketing departments and grifter techbros. This kind of tech needs real tools, real power and real precision so stuff can be accurately dialed in by the hands of an actual designer/artist, especially for our industry. Only then will AI's true productivity for real world work be seen. To me, this stuff stop being a time wasting toy when I can do something like being able to give it a picture of a stone slab I'm specing for a client and have it automatically generate a PBR texture to apply to a countertop that looks photo accurate in the output. And on top of that, have it still work in real time.