Concealed lighting not casting any light at all

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  • I have a ceiling with a series of coffered panels that have a light source running around the perimeter that is completely concealed from view when looking up at it. (see detail)

    The light source is not covered and in reality it would cast a glow upwards onto the metallic ceiling above but it's completely dark.

    It only seems to work when I raise the light source enough so that the light itself is visible in the view, but we don't want to see the source just the glow.

    Is this result built in to Enscape on purpose?

    We use a lot of recessed lighting effects on our designs so this will be a major hurdle for us.

    Any suggestions?

  • Are you using an "emissive" material for the tube? or Enscape's line light? or a thin rect light? ... or a combination? at what power?

    If it's just 'emissive' then it's normally too weak to be seen in normal 'daylight' settings and bumping it up can cause light leak where you don't want it. you could use the line light, but you will find that the whole line is shown in reflections rather than just the bounce light.

  • :huh:Oh dear...I've just googled "Enscape's line light". I had no idea that Enscape objects existed (duh!)

    I just assumed that I had to create lights using materials set to self illumination.

    I'll go away and try using the Enscape lights now and I'm sure that will fix the issue.

    Thanks Gadget!

  • I checked it at Rhino here now -> metal materials shows reflections only, no effect by the diffuse light. Same for emitters and lights.

    A low glossyness value (rough surface) can be helpful to enhance the look of the metal in the near of light sources.

    metal surface - reflection effect only

    plastic surface - mix of reflection and lighting effect