people inconsistencies

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  • The library is constantly updated and i love that..

    but if we focus on people for now.
    Why are there also people being deleted..

    for example in the last update:

    Rae 001 Standing

    Alyssa 005 Walking

    Rae 002 walking

    Rae 004 standing

    jeffrey 003 standing

    Iona 003 standing

    Rae 003 sitting

    Maja 002 walking

    Aadesh 001 sitting

    they are lost.

    also why are the tags wrong

    all the people that have walking in their name.. have standing as a tag.. the tag walking is not assigned to any of the people

    So we can't filter on walking people

    • Official Post

    Hi Arno , thank you very much for your feedback.

    In this case there is no need to worry as these specific Assets have just been temporarily made unavailable - They should be accessible again though and if you still stumble upon any other missing Assets please let us know.

    • Official Post

    Arno , thanks again for your reply. I'll forward your request to also have the tag "walking" available to filter, although in the meantime you can also simply search the term "walking" as well which should yield the same results.

    Let me know in case I am missing something here of course.

  • Demian Gutberlet

    Yes you are missing something. Revit is a database and we can use data to speed up things and to make things easier for us.

    Because Enscape doesn't forward all the information it has to the Enscape families. I had to build a dynamo script that reads out all the information from the sjon files and places them into the revit families. So they are usable.

    Because walking isn't in the Tags. this tag isn't placed into the family.. and because of that i can't use walking people in scripts to automatically place walking people in my projects.

    i will post a youtube clip about this soon.

    Users do a lot more with the libraries then you imagine.. a good solid complete and consistent library is a must.