SketchUp 2023 Mac

  • Hello,

    I just updated Sketchup to 2023 on our Mac's and noticed that the Mac version of Enscape hasn't been updated for the Mac version of Sketchup 2023 yet, do you know when the Enscape upgrade will be available.


    Would also love to know! :)

    SketchUp 2023 support is not yet available for Enscape for Mac, but will be provided with our next official release.

  • suguru (and felixtb), I'm not sure where you got that information from regarding an end of the year release, but our next version of Enscape for Mac is planned to come out around around the end of August.

  • My apologies, I was told “later this year“ and interpreted it as the end of this year. Thank you for clarifying. If Enscape was more transparent with its customers about when releases were expected then your customers wouldn’t have to guess or try to interpret information. When you have a plug-in that works with (and relies on) another software it behooves you as a company to be forthcoming about the compatibility of new releases. Once SketchUp 2023 was released (almost a month ago) it would have been helpful to proactively inform your customers not to upgrade until the new release of Enscape expected in late August to mitigate their frustration and yours. Yet, this is the first communications I’m seeing from Enscape on it.

  • Obviously end of August is a little better than end of year…….. However, it is a full six month after the release of Sketchup 2023……. Which makes it very late. Considering, the people/offices that use Enscape with sketchup are probably on a sketchup studio subscription or similar….. And do diligently upgrade to the latest software.

    All this is pretty unfortunate…. I actually was happy that I was finally able to turn back to a Mac at the office when Enscape announced the Mac version……. Now I guess I am again forced to dust off my PC…….

    Question for Enscape: What is your idea of developing Enscape for Mac…? Is it professional? or just for hobby use? Considering the price I doubt you will get many hobby users….. But considering the upgrade pace I also doubt you will get many professionals………..? What’s your own thoughts?

    very best regards

    felix b.

  • Hi Mac users if you need Enscape in sketchup 2023 follow steps below. I have been using the current version of Enscape in 2023 for several week now and it works fine.

    Open a new Finder window.

    Open the Go menu and choose "Go to Folder"

    Enter the following and click Go

    ~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2022/SketchUp/plugins

    Open a second Finder window.

    Open the Go menu and choose "Go to Folder"

    Enter the following and click Go

    ~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2023/SketchUp/plugins

    Hold option to copy the following files from the 2022 plugins to 2023 plugins folder