Why do I see a light/glow in areas without any gaps? (Light leaking)

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    If you see a glow/light in certain areas of your project where there should not be any, then these are usually knows as light leaks:

    This behavior can usually be resolved/improved by increasing the thickness of the corresponding affected geometry or by creating a second non-transparent wall behind, and in some cases, if you have a rather large ground plane in your project, reducing its size is known to help as well.

    Instead, it is also possible to make use of our raytraced sun shadows which are activated by default which are a big step up in terms of accuracy and realism as seen in the example below with raytraced sun shadows on and off:

    Please be aware though that the above showcase left with ray tracing turned off is basically "the worst case" I've created on purpose to highlight how it can look like. That's because the ceiling is paper-thin and lets a lot of light leaks in, so simply increasing the thickness of the ceiling resolved this problem for the most part even with Ray Tracing OFF.

    Without raytraced sun shadows enabled, light leaks are still generally a known issue in real-time rendering. Enscape can be aware of all the geometry in your project, but only to a certain degree, which is why the overall accuracy can suffer.

    We're aware of this behavior and are working on improving it further, but are generally also recommending acquiring an NVIDIA RTX card (or capable AMD card) that will simply offer a more accurate output when it comes to sun shadows and reflections. (Alongside offering other valuable features like DLSS and Denoising on the NVIDIA side)

    If you have any questions regarding this topic in general, or in case you're not sure if it's really light leaking which is occurring in your project and perchance not a another issue, don't hesitate to simply contact us as detailed here or create a Forum post.

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