Why does my standalone file not run on another machine?

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    Since the Enscape Standalone file provides the exact same experience and quality as within the main Enscape software itself, it also requires the same System Specifications including a 64-bit Windows OS, Windows 7 or later, and an OpenGL 4.2-compatible graphics card.

    If these conditions are being met, the reason for a standalone file not running is almost always an outdated graphics card driver. In this case, please make sure the graphics card driver for the machine you want to run the Enscape Standalone file on is up to date. This will drastically increase the chances of Enscape being able to run.

    For more information regarding our system requirements and recommended graphics drivers, check out the corresponding knowledgebase article here.

    For lower-spec machines, Macs, and mobile phones we recommend to use our Panorama Rendering feature, which should be a valid substitute. Please have a look at this knowledgebase entry for more info.