Changing Revit Built-in Material types to Generic type

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  • I have been given the keys to the Revit template so that I can build in better "out-of-the-box" materials. I have read in the past that Revit's category materials such as "metal", "glass", "masonry" are not very good for rendering in Enscape, or having much control in general over rendered appearance.

    Is there a simple way to replace these types of appearances with "generic" category and build from there?

  • In revit's material editor, right-click the appearance tab and select "duplicate as generic". Once you've done that, the material will show up in the Enscape material editor.

  • Although it I wish the Enscape material editor would offer us the same button ... :) Kinda annoying to search for a material in the enscape material editor, realizing it's not there, open the revit material editor, search for it again, convert to generic, open the enscape material editor and search for it...again....

  • You don't have to duplicate the material. Change the Appearance Type to Generic.

    If the Appearance Type doesn't report Generic, select the little button top right. Browse the Appearance Type list, select Default and then Generic. This will change the appearance type from a procedural material to a generic material with all of the material options available in Revit. It will also now appear in the Enscape material editor.

  • That was a method I was thinking of using, but I always feel like the base material is using a foreign appearance from a second material. I'm also not sure if that really matters, and I think it will be the best way to go. Thanks!