Does Enscape run on MacOS or iOS?

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  • Why no Enscape on a Mac?

    "The main reason is that Apple usually builds machines that don't meet the requirements for high quality real-time 3D applications such as Enscape."

    That's not exactly true, now is it. Blender works natively on a mac. Pixar's RenderMan works natively on a Mac. Cinema 4D works natively on Mac. Epic Games Unreal Engine works natively on a Mac.

    So it's not exactly fair or accurate to say that Apple doesn't build machines that meet the requirements for high quality real-time 3D applications, now is it? ;)

  • Several of those aren’t real time :P

    UE4 can’t do any of the BVH Path tracing acceleration because Apple doesn’t support any RTX features from Nvidia or offer a realistic alternative API for existing AMD or Nvidia cards to leverage these newer rendering technologies.

    Twinmotion is raterised graphics only , as is Blender’s Eevee engine.

    The other engines that do more modern real-time rendering such as D5 Render and V-Ray’s Vantage also don’t work on Mac for similar reasons to Enscape, so it’s not as if it’s the exception.

    Even those offline renderers are running slower on Mac as there is no/reduced support for CUDA and optix and other various bits and pieces that help with rendering.

    Even if you try to bypass the OSX limitations and run in via boot camp in Windows or you use bespoke solutions to deliver end results , the GPUs on offer are typically fairly low end solutions- not something that is going to give users a great experience for realtime renderers.

    Apple don’t actually make any GPUs of their own yet outside of the paltry integrated ones you’ll find built into the the CPU.

    It’s the same reason there is no real gaming market on Mac - they either don’t have GPUs good enough or the OS side of things don’t support the modern techniques.

  • Adam.Fairclough good answer, my (an other) replies have lacked the detail you’ve just provided.

    davidhard now that we have the M series processors I’m sure we’ll see something in the future from Enscape and others. If the rumours about the M2 are correct then it and the subsequent models will be amazing.

    People need to remember that the M1 is a CPU and not a GPU

    The integrated GPU component is similar to the current intel GPUs - they are easily outpaced by a 2 year entry level discrete card (even without taking into account RTX and DLSS and the fact that these are not even workstation specific pieces of hardware)

    The results are pretty impressive for a £600 Mac Mini - but it would be categorically unsuitable for anything even slightly demanding.

    [Blocked Image:]

    You can see that as the resolution has increased slightly and the precision of the calculations being made has intensified, the M1 just can't keep up.

    And you have to consider that this is a game that will have been insanely optimised with an entire scenes' worth of textures within a single 2K texture.

    Whereas we will be using 30 maps and all of the memory that entails to cover the same space.

    [Blocked Image:]

    We'll see how they progress over the next few years and whether Apple produce their own GPU's for the Mac Pros - I suspect they won't, since they have practically exited the professional graphics market 8+ years ago. I dropped them for photoshop and video editing as windows was far more performant for anything GPU driven , and this is even further compounded by the lack of GPU options in recent machines.

  • People need to remember that the M1 is a CPU and not a GPU

    M1 is all,

    a SoC.

    CPU cores, shared memory, GPU cores, security enclave, SSD controller,

    i/O controller, machine learning cores, video accelerator, ...

    In any combination and specific distribution and amount, whatever Apple

    thinks is useful for a specific Mac.

    For now we have M1 and it is more capable than we expected.

    And for the same power it is so far more energy efficient.

    Not that important for a desktop fan like me with a M1 Mini,

    but still nice to know and never hear a fan.

  • ok, you are right it is an SoC, an SOC with an entirely inappropriate GPU for something as GPU intensive as enscape :p

    If Apple start doing Pro models with beefier graphics cards and there was demand from users with those machines , I’m sure it would make sense . I can certainly speak for myself that I would not want to be running enscape with the GPU you can find in the M1, it would not make for a pleasant experience.

    Maybe when they do an M1 Pro :)

  • But plenty of them are.

  • Unfortunately, Enscape does not officially support iOS or MacOS based operating systems at this point.

    The main reason is that Apple usually builds machines that don't meet the requirements for high quality real-time 3D applications such as Enscape.
    However, should your Mac support our System Requirements, you should not have a problem running Enscape on Windows via Bootcamp.

    In any case, if you like to see iOS or MacOS supported in the future, please send us some feedback via our Feedback button, or e-mail us via - if the demand for this feature is high enough we will provide it.

    can I run Enscape via bootcamp on my MacBook? See image.

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    rasay , that GPU is supported by Enscape, so you should be successful using Bootcamp to run our plugin. :)

  • Hi guys,

    I enabled WebGL on my Ipad Pro to open a Web standalone link, it loads the website however I still cannot see my presentation, only a white background appears. Do you know any solutions to this?

    Many thanks

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    JoannaAk , I'm afraid even though it may be possible to enable WebGL on mobile iOS devices, they aren't officially supported at all - not even the controls are fleshed out so we would not recommend it. Instead, we recommend something like a surface book that runs windows and a controller, for example, or a laptop generally.

  • In the future generations of MAC computers, M1 or Intel chips ,will adopt metal API. Amd graphics cards will also have good performance this year and next year, even ray tracing. Will Enscape consider developing the Mac version through the metal API. As far as I know, redshift and octane are doing this. After all, many architects and environmental art designers are using mac. Enscape will be preferred.

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    zoomer , just in case you receive see/receive post, Mac will also officially be supported in 2022, but there is no exact release date yet. :)

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    zoomer , we really can't make any promises yet but, the release may already occur around the second quarter of 2022. :) Perhaps just in form of a beta but I'm sure many would love to try that out as well!