Does Enscape run on MacOS or iOS?

  • Enscape for Archicad on Mac would be incredible!! Quite a lot of us interior design companies in NZ work with Archicad on Macs and we love the enscape output. My company in particular we have to have a Windows machine to run enscape through archicad which is okay but can get tricky because only one designer can use it at a time. We would really appreciate it if we can get the software to all align in Mac. I understand Mac OS doesnt have the correct graphic chip but it would be amazing if you could work on that or pass on the feedback. Thanks!!

  • Throwing in a +1 here.

    Even though we don't use macs, most of our clients use macs. It'd be great if the exportable projects could also be exported in a mac-compatible format, that way our clients could receive a 3D model and be able to walk around it themselves without us needing to make an entire meeting out of it.

  • Hi, I am a professor at a College for Architectural Technology. And yes, definitely please create a version of Enscape for Mac!

    When this becomes available, we be able to build into the curriculum. Many of our students use Mac.

  • Please develop Enscape for Mac! I believe there is huge scope and demand for this. More and more designers are using MacOs systems. In recent years the hardware has significantly ramped up in terms of specs with separate VRam. Especially now with M1 chips being introduced, there is without a doubt the real time rendering would work smoothly on these machines. Really hope to see this developed within the year. Please

  • Unfortunately, Enscape does not officially support iOS or MacOS based operating systems at this point.

    The main reason is that Apple usually builds machines that don't meet the requirements for high quality real-time 3D applications such as Enscape.
    However, should your Mac support our System Requirements, you should not have a problem running Enscape on Windows via Bootcamp.

    In any case, if you like to see iOS or MacOS supported in the future, please send us some feedback via our Feedback button, or e-mail us via - if the demand for this feature is high enough we will provide it.

    Apple usually builds machines that don't meet the requirements for high quality real-time 3D applications? That's odd, Mac is only one brand, we know there are low performance Mac but there are great Mac workstation too, just like various PC makers in the market, right? Instead of limit Enscape only in PC, why not just list a minimum requirements for the hardware?

    Enscape is a good app to me, for MacOS +1 please.

  • Enscape system requirements are here:…base/system-requirements/

    Apple doesn't make hardware that meets the requirements for high demand real-time rendering. This has to do with the GPU. Compare performance of the best MacBook Pro ($3200 with the AMD Radeon Pro 5600M with 8GB of HBM2 memory) to the Razer Blade 15" (with the NVIDIA 2070 RTX for $1800) and you're better off with the Razer and buying $1400 in APPL stock.

    Even if Enscape was available for the Mac it doesn't mean that the end user experience would be comparable or even suitable because of Apple's hardware decisions. Long term Apple is moving to integrated graphics. I bought a new MacBook Pro for Christmas and it runs great. But not great for Boot Camp, Windows, realtime rendering and Enscape. Apple is moving away from Bootcamp as well.

    If designers truly wanted their customers to have a great experience while saving time and money then rather than wait for Enscape to invest considerable teams, time and money to create an uncertain Enscape for Mac, Mac users would be better off getting a Windows laptop today.

  • Enscape für mac!!!! Mein Vote habt ihr! Wenn es Twinmotion schafft für 2015 Apple Modelle und ältere müsstet ihr das auch schaffen!