Sketchup to Revit Coordination / Workflow

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    I am a Landscape architect collaborating with an Architect from a different business. We both use Enscape for rendering, however whilst we use Sketchup to model, the architect's use Revit.

    When we share our SU model containing Enscape assets including trees, plants, people, etc, all asset information is lost. The architects open our model in Enscape within Revit and they only see the 3D geometries of the assets, as they would appear were Enscape not running.

    Is there a step in the workflow we are missing, or a particular way we should be exporting our SU models to ensure we do not lose the Enscape Asset information? Or is this workflow not currently possible?

    Thanks :)

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    charliebrown , I'm afraid it's technically not as simple for us to allow things like Assets and such to be kept when importing a project from one CAD solution into another (we would've done it already otherwise too).

    When importing a scene from Revit into SketchUp it gets converted accordingly so that it's usable in Revit in this case, during that process the links/reference to each Asset in our library is lost, which is out of our control unfortunately.

    You can gladly forward this is a feature request via our roadmap portal so that product management can also be made aware of the demand for a solution to this, although at the moment I have to add that it's unlikely we'll be able to add this soon, again from a technical standpoint.

    Hopefully that clears it up - If you have any further inquiries let me know as well please!