Just the BEST GPU nowadays for Enscape VR

  • Hello, i just wanted to ask for the best gpu nowadays for using enscape with vr headset, i mean, the fastest one, and the most powerful gpu at October 2018.

    Is the 1080ti oc the best one, or 2080ti are very much better than this one? I repeat, nowadays, for the best VR fastest rendering and visualization.

    Thank you for all 😉

  • As seen in the benchmark overview which Micha posted, the best GPU for Enscape, or in general, would currently be the RTX 2080 Ti, at least for real-time 3D rendering purposes (like games or Enscape).

    Although, when it comes to price/performance ratio, you may want to check out the following article as well to aid with your decision:


    The RTX 2080 Ti (which is not available for purchase yet) is currently priced at around 1199$, the GTX 1080 Ti can be bought for around 760$ (not including used cards which would be cheaper to get) and you'd "only" gain about 20-30% performance improvement depending on the application and resolution.

    Hope this helps already. ;)

  • Thanks for your reply. One new question, what is most necessary, Feq. (MHz) or Memory (GB)? thinking about rendering for VR. To take a decision, I think MHz should be very important, but I wanted to know if Memory is as important as Freq. When we are talking about VR a quick gpu seems to be the most important question.

    Because 2080 is quicker than 1080ti but it has less memory 8gb vs 11gb, so we don’t know which is a better option. Maybe even 1080ti could be better than 2080?

  • The amount of memory doesn't translate into performance - it "just" allows you to work with larger/more detailed scenes (geometric detail, texture resolution) with higher screen(shot) resolutions. Memory clock/frequency and bus width however does have a significant effect on bandwith, which is very relevant for Enscape. The bandwith of the 1080ti is slightly higher than the RTX 2080, but all in all performance of the 2080 should be slightly better. So price/performance of the 1080ti might give the "best bang for the buck" at the moment, however it's simply not as future proof, as it doesn't support hardware raytracing (RTX) like the RTX 2080, which is definitely going to be a plus soon. ;)