Revit Grass - Problem with "short, tall, wild"

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  • Hello everyone,

    Currently using Enscape for Revit 2017.

    When i use the "Grass" keyword in a material name it changes to realistic grass in enscape.

    However, when adding "short", "wild", or "tall" before "grass" nothing seems to change in Enscape : i always seem to have the exact same grass.

    At first i thought it was only avaible in enscape for sketchup but after seeing today's blog post (Grass improvements) i feel a little bit lost... What am i doing wrong ?

    Thank you :thumbsup:

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    Hey F. Chatillon Architecte , sorry for the confusion and welcome to our forum. ;)

    These new Grass keyword options are only available in our latest previews so far:

    1. Head into the about window by clicking the About button

    2. Click Visit download area

    3. Click on the hyperlink right in the first sentence below our Download button

    4. Now that you're on our preview page, just click Download

    5. You've just acquired our latest preview installer, which you can simply run, as it will overwrite your existing (latest) release (or previous preview)

    Let me know if you have any further questions. :)

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    @F. Chatillon Architecte happy to hear that! :)

  • Having the short grass is definitely helpful!

    Demian Gutberlet any change we can get explicit height settings through the keywords so there's more feature equality between the different programs?



    or something like that?

  • Let me understand..

    This is my info in "about"

    Plugin Version is the version that is intalled in my revit? and Escape version is the version the is available to download?

    To have this control...

    Which version should i have?

  • Quote

    Which version should i have?

    As mentioned in the other topics regarding grass tool, we would all like to see, in all software platforms - the same enscape tools. This one is the example of the tool that should be commonly made for all software, (not just sketchup).

    Revit/Rhino/Archicad users would appreciate these options instead material renaming and messing up with material names instead of just introducing a (slider) tool for controlling grass height/variation.

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    some1new , in this case, I'd file a feature request to implement a dedicated tool which would provide a slider to define the Grass height\variation available in every supported CAD software. Anything you want to add to it? Pieter , would this be more helpful to you instead of defining Grass height\variation via the material name? :) Let me know and I'll add a upvote to the soon to be created story.

    Also petrinnn , this "Enscape Materials" window which you've taken a screenshot from is only available in SketchUp (including the Grass sliders). You're currently using our latest release, which does not support the mentioned "short", "wild", or "tall" before "grass" keywords. Please refer to the second post in this thread on how to acquire our preview to make use of these keywords.

    Further, the Enscape Version is the number we communicate with our clients, the number we always refer to, while the Plugin Version number is used internally, foremost by our developers. Sorry for any confusion caused by this. ;)

  • Pieter , would this be more helpful to you instead of defining Grass height\variation via the material name? :) Let me know and I'll add a upvote to the soon to be created story.

    Sliders would definitely be better. The only reason I was proposing the keywords is that I was under the impression that the sliders for grass height weren't going to happen. We've had this discussion in half a dozen threads with thomas and others from the Enscape team and it sounded like it was too much work.

    The underlying problem is that for some applications (Sketchup and later Rhino), Enscape has added custom material parameters (like water settings, grass height,...) while in other applications (Revit, Archicad) you're strictly sticking to the provided native material parameters. That approach creates feature disparity every time a new custom parameter is introduced. The problem already exists for water and grass, but it might get worse in the future if additional features are added (rounded edges, grass on vertical surfaces, for example)

    Different solutions are possible here:

    1 - provide the Enscape material editor everywhere (in sync with the native materials so if we change a material albedo map it changes it for the Revit appearance asset as well) (this would also open the option of a shared "enscape material library" between different applications)

    2 - provide minimal material editor that only give access to parameters that don't exist in native application

    3 - provide custom keyword builder so we can build our own tags (for example"grass_long" = render as 3d grass + height 10cm)

    If you go the third route (keywords), it would be an interesting idea to also scan the Revit Appearance Name (not the same as the material name) for keywords as well because that field is never scheduled or tagged, while the material name is part of the official documents and therefor cannot be changed just because we want a different look.

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    Pieter , regarding the sliders, we still happily file these topics as feature requests accordingly so we can track the demand.

    Further, as asked in the other thread, which of the three solutions would you prefer the most? ;) Just so I can file it through your voice as well.