Default SketchUp materials

  • A couple of things I would point out with this request:

    1) with the new library of assets, each (should) have optimised Enscape textures within them (that you can simply use the pipette tool to sample).

    2) If you have been using SU for a while, you will have built up your own library of textures that you are familiar with; it would take just as long (/longer) to sort through another library to find (& tweak) the texture you want as it would to make a new one with the Enscape Materials dialogue or key-words.

    I am all for speeding up my work-flow, but personally I can't see how this would speed up anything?

  • I agree with Gadget. I dont see the benefit of this, when we have the great material editor in sketchup. It is very easy to adjust and tweak your own materials, and the more you do it, the bigger your own library gets...

  • milos.komlenic and annevanzwol , we have a dedicated feature request on our agenda to provide you with Enscape materials through presets or a library. If this what you're looking for, let me know and I'll happily add two further up-votes to the topic. ;) Please also let me know in case you want to add anything further to the request.

  • Hi guys,

    yes, I would go with something like a library that can be made by my self.

    Working with Enscape in SU I have to add bump/normal maps, roughness or adjusting and etc..

    If I can save that material into the library and use it in a way like in Vray,

    selecting material in Vray library and applying it to a surface/object in SU changes also SU material in a viewport.

    I did not test new build yet so maybe I am off of this topic.