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  • couple of the latest updates of nvidia geforce game ready driver have blocked enscape.

    when I open enscape the computer freezes, nothing can be done, just turn it off with the external button.

    I had to reinstall an old version of NVIDIA GEFORCE to keep it working normally

    Do any of you know what's going on?

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    This is indeed a known problem:

    WARNING: Enscape crashes with latest NVIDIA drivers (Game Ready)

    You can either revert back to the previous Game Ready drivers, or install our latest Preview 15 which also circumvents this issue.

  • Same here, that is a major issue, can you communicate with your customers directly in the app ? I lost an hour on that problem.
    Also how come it freezes the all computer ? It's been a while since I have seen any software doing that. Thank you

  • yes - that is the one. It's not updated as often as the gaming driver, but it also doesn't crash Enscape. I haven't noticed any speed differences, but it's MUCH faster when it's running than when it's unable to open! ;)