Visual settings linked with scenes

  • Hi there,

    We have been using Enscape and sketchup extensively and it is an awesome software that does the job and does it fast!

    However, I think it would be a very big enhancement if Enscape visual settings were linked to Sketchup scenes.

    For example, I have a model that requires many different renderings, from interiors, plans, sections, outdoor views.

    I will end up with maybe 4 to 5 different visual settings that are tuned to better render each kind of view.

    It would save a lot of time to batch render it too, but I can't do it now because I have to manually change the Enscape visual settings for each different kind of view/Sketchup scene.

    If Enscape Visual Settings were linked to Sketchup scenes, that would be a winner.

    Anyone in Enscape working on this?


  • IMO the problem with the current way of linking settings to scenes is that we have to do it one by one...

    sometimes we have like 40+ scenes, some interior, some exterior, night time, etc

    so there should be a way to select multiple scenes and assign the custom settings to all of the selected

  • You can link the presets to sK scenes.

    The grey chain link means that this scene has a visual preset assigned to it.

    I tried a batch render in the past but there are issues with some sort of views.. I don't remember details now but one.. You have to assign presets to all scenes/views. When You render one bye one (like me) I used to assign preset only to first scene in a group of few which needed the same visual settings. ENScape keeps using last selected so I didn't bother assigning to all the scenes (10 or more). With batch render it will go scene bye scene but in case of unassigned settings it will come back to the one that You were using before running batch render, not the last one it was using in batch queue.

    So like jpgfar said.. You have to assign a specific visual preset to every scene which You will batch render..

    - Other thing .. You have to go on with automatic naming..


    It is for overwriting issues and and probably not big deal but I would prefer if there was a way to turn it off or to instead put batch results in new folder..

    - If You using many different FOV (field of view) than You have to decide if You render with Synchronise View on or off. Or so thought I at first.. Synchronisation for whatever reason is disabled on batch render. So if You were using synchronisation (like I mostly do) with many different FOV rendering manually, then before running a batch render You will have to make a unique visual preset for each unique FOV.

    Anyway each 2PP view with unique FOV will require a unique visual preset (even rendered manually) . Generally if You intend to run a batch render the best idea is to create the views in ENS without synchronisation rather then adding scenes in sKetchup. Remembering that FOV is saved per Visual preset rather than per view (per scene in sKetchup). Many things will be easier.

    - If You organise Your drawing with layers.. You have to add a new scene for each layer visibility arrangement. I for example make one site and 2¬3 sometimes 8 alternative of the building. On a different layers. add a scene and then change the layers visibility to get same view of different alternative. When batch rendering You have to create separate scene (but the same view) for each alternative (layer turned on/off).

    You can go around it by not saving the layers visibility in scenes (maybe except first rendered) but then You will have to run batch few times for each layer.. tag on/off.. whatever works for You..

    Other than that.. should work..


    Maybe when linking views in ENScape with Visual Presets be careful not to change the scene in sKetchup. Probably better to do it in synchronise mode. I mean if You were capturing the scene from ENS or with different Visual settings than this which You want to assign (different FOV specifically), then without synchronise mode, after clicking the edit view icon, ENS and sK will go to that scene (this camera position) but ENS will have different FOV. After choosing visual preset and saving the view, FOV of sK scene will be updated to this which ENS visual preset was using.. So synchronise mode on when linking the presets..


    Do not use autofocus in Your presets.. even when it works well on single render, batch manages to screw that up immensely..

  • In My case I would have to add new extra 34 scenes and one extra visual preset to run Batch render once..

    Or edit 15 scene tags visibility and add extra visual preset to run it three times... and then Oops.. happened.. You can not actually leave the scene without tags visibility remembered. You can but it will do the same like with views not linked to visual preset. If You render manually it will just work like in sKetchup. if You do batch render for every scene which has no tags visibility saved it will return to setting from before the batch started.

    So if You intend to run the batch render best is to commit to it from the moment of adding the first scene. There is pretty many things that must be done differently. You really have to treat ENScape as Your main program not a support program if You want to succeed. When it comes to capturing views.. forget to do any of this in sKetchup.


    as well .. remember that ENS is running batch in its own alphabetical order and NOT as scenes are arranged in sKetchup scene tabs.

    I tried not to link visual presets to all views as I was using the same preset for many elevations. So I started batch with elevation preset so it would go to that preset on every not linked elevation view. and then I had a bird eye view with linked preset of perspective view. Batch render kept changing it to orthographic, for some reason. It worked correctly only after last elevation view before this perspective view was linked to the same setting it was coming back to anyways.

    So follow the rules, don't go astray to left neither right and You will.. well.. might succeed.


    I just noticed that my 2PP views were changed to perspective.. Batch rendering only scenes linked to visual preset seems to fix that problem. Somehow when you batch render not linked view it can change other linked views.. so link all that you render..