Reflection Distance

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  • Hi,

    I know that you already aware of this problem, we've talked about it before but the reflection problem is still existing and it is the biggest problem that reduce the reality of the images in Enscape3d. I don't know it is same in revit but in sketchup, the reflections are just showing the background sky or the ground texture. It reflects the around objects only then when I get too close to the surface.

    For example, the windows in the left bottom corner should reflect the road/trees/grass. But it is reflecting the ground texture "black".

    Especially in interior scenes this problem hinders the reality of the image even more.

    I hope this will be fixed very soon. I know the program works very fast and increasing the reflection sensivitivity may slow the program. But there can be a numerator that change the setting for the reflection?

    Thank you for your interest.

  • The reflection issues had one of the top most priorities in the last months. An improves version of the reflections will be included in Enscape 2.0. We will release a public preview version soon.