Enscape & Chaos Account Issue

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  • I created a support ticket with Chaos two weeks ago but I haven't had a response yet, our issue persists and it's becoming quite frustrating. Here's what's been happening:

    Our Enscape and Chaos accounts use the same email address - this was set up prior to the Choas acquisition of Enscape.

    I recently had to reset our Enscape password and I did so successfully. A few days later when we were using Chaos Cloud, our Chaos account rejected our password and we had to reset the Chaos password. Then, a few days later I needed to access our Enscape license key and when attempting to sign-in online, our password was rejected. Once reset, the Chaos account password was rejected next time we signed in.

    Hopefully you can see the pattern that's evolving: any time the Chaos account password is reset, it forces a reset of the Enscape account password. This happens instantaneously and repetitively and is undesirable. Can you resolve this issue for us?


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    Can you let me know which e-mail you've used to contact us two weeks ago? And have you also made use of our helpcenter to submit this behavior, as I cannot find any inquiries tied to the e-mail you're using in this Forum as well?

    If you haven't yet, please do so by clicking the "Submit a request" link at the top of the screen here:


    You can simply copy what you wrote here to detail your situation and our licensing team itself will get back to you again very soon with a further reply.

  • Same issue here!

    Went through multiple support channels with Chaos, our software provider, IT support, no one could figure out why our Chaos login would be reset without any warnings or password reset emails. We have a password manager and can see all the previous passwords and when they were changed. This was quite the frustrating problem.

    Luckily, it occurred to someone that Chaos now owns Enscape so the Enscape password was entered and it worked! The two seperate accounts for Enscape and Chaos shared the same account email address and were merged at some point.

    I'm not sure why we were not made aware of this by neither Enscape nor Chaos. This is a major change and caused frustration for months!