movement in VR

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  • Hello! This is not really a problem, but could be an improvement.

    When I'm presenting a scene in VR, the person starts on the VR center position, and this is the position that enscape uses to make the bounding box for colision. If the person phisically move in the ambient and goes away from the VR center, they will not be where enscape makes colision. So sometimes people try to move with the controller thumbstick, where it seems to be an open space, but enscape is detecting a colision, os they wont be able to move.

    Example in the picture

    Moving the colision together with the camera would be perfect, but if that impossible, or hard to implement, a "center VR position" button on the computer would solve my problem (I know its possible to recenter using the controlles, but people who never used VR tend to have some difficulty navigating trough the menu in VR).