Global Scale Multiplier

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  • Adjusting the scale of a scene is a workaround for shadows and other more serious rendering issues.

    Would it be possible for Enscape to handle this for us?

    I am thinking of a "Global Scale Multiplier" that could adjust all aspects of the model during translation to Enscape.


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    Hey renderwiz thank you for the idea. Please allow me to ask, would Enscape just scale down the complete model in size, or shall Enscape cut off some part of the project, because if you were to just scale it down, that would mean the actual "viewer" size would have to be scaled down as well in order to faithfully navigate the project. ;)

  • I am looking for replacement to the manual working around of manually scaling "up or down" the actual 3d scene. This would just be a time saver rather than the user having to scale the model manually, save a separate version of the model, etc. which can be a pain.

    I assume the issue you raise about viewer size exists with the current method. I don't think it is necessary to address this with a Scale Multiplier... you could just call it a Scene Scale Multiplier rather than Global perhaps.

    Also, if you would like to avoid confusing newcomers with a Scene Scale option, I think it would be perfectly acceptable to provide access to this as an unsupported feature only via xml or Userpre.cfg file.

    ps. I am a BIG fan of more control over less ;), so if you want to give us more control, you could include more than one "Scale" multiplier... such as Scene Scale, Viewer Scale (there are probably more aspects that could be broken out as well... Shadow map (softness) scale, Texture scale, Water scale, Grass scale, etc. )


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    Hey renderwiz , thanks for clarifying. As my colleague replied in the ticket you've submitted, there was already a story regarding this in regards to providing it for Rhino, so we have altered the story and up-voted this on your behalf. :) Thanks a lot again for the feedback.