EAS, aka Enscape Animation System

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  • Hi!

    Everybody knows as wonderful Enscape is. Of course!

    But its animation module is simply 'nothing'; it is not worthy of Enscape. And it is a shame.

    I worked around 'archimovie' since 1986-87... I've tried to make something good by camera tracking sw. But the render engine was so slowly...

    Some time ago, I tried (and bought) CamTrackAR for my iPhone. Now wo can get a fully camera tracking in REALTIME.


    Change speech.

    What is the most important rule to achieve a photo quality animation?


    1) modeling

    2) texuring

    3) lighting

    4) ?

    what's the fourth?

    Let's go don't be shy...

    Ok, I'll tell you.

    The 4) point is camera movement

    The whole animation production is so booooring... same pan: left to right, Down to Up... same movement in or out...

    No, that's enough !

    So, we have one of the most beautiful render engine and we cannot produce a photo quality animation.

    It's sound very sad!

    Here's the answer .

    As you can see, I record a few of second using CamTrackAR then I did import the fbx file into Blender, run the script generated by CamTrackAR and that's all.

    Then, saved the file (just the camera track) as .abc (Alembic) and import it into C4D, and here's the result.

    The whole model is a joke, of course, the render is very rough but the result seems to be quite acceptable, just because the camera movement.

    Now, I might think about writing some lines of code to import the path file... but the roll axe is locked,

    Ok, my friend, it time to revamp the EAS: Enscape Animation System

    Thank you