Enscape Causing 3rd party tools to crash Revit.

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  • Hoping someone at Enscape can help. Our Autodesk Vendor, ImaginIT, has add-in tools, one of which is an Excel Schedule importer. With Enscape loaded on computer, when trying to run excel import it causes Revit to crash clean out, no error codes, just vanishes. It actually doesnt matter which tool of theirs i use, any of them with Enscape loaded causes the crash. With out Enscape loaded on pc, the utilities work fine. Our IT manager assures us it is not a rights issue, and ImagineIT says its Enscape....

    Can i start a ticket to investigate this issues Enscape has?



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    Please indeed create a "ticket"/case by just submitting a report with log files (Enscape doesn't have to be running for that) to our technical support team - These logs should actually give us further hints as to why these incompatibilities exist, and we can at least look into it to see if there is anything we can do here to help with resolving this.

    At the moment I cannot say how complex a fix for this would have to be, but please feel free to send everything in as detailed in the article I've linked. Make sure to also just include a link to this thread in the submission form, or just copy-paste what you shared here!

    Thanks a lot in advance ccastelein.