Issue with student license now being paid with no notice

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  • Hi,

    I am teaching an undergraduate landscape computer visualization course to landscape architects. As part of the course students are required to show their SketchUp modelled designs in perspective. Without any warning students must now pay for the software which is okay if there on a win/pc as they can still access free Lumion software as an alternative, but the Mac users are now left without an option unless they want to pay for a yearlong subscription. The course ends May 1 and so that is not a feasible option, and a 14-day trial is not long enough to complete the course.

    Is there a month to month paid option for students?

    Without a free student license, I will probably not be promoting your software in the future and will be looking for more feasible alternative.

    Disappointed on the decision to ask students to pay as they are your future clients when they move onto a professional career