New to Enscape

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  • Hi All.

    First 24hrs testing Enscape after seeing it at an architects. Normally we take our designers model either SKP or Revit and convert it to 3dsMax and render out high res images for marketing. However, our clients are wanting more interaction in the design process earlier. Thus we are looking to use Enscape so we can walk clients around the scene before we have committed to time on materials and lighting.

    Some of the renders i have seen on the gallery are really good.

    So i am going to spend the next few days reviewing tutorials and seeing how big the scenes can be but still navigate around OK.

    My question to you all whilst testing the trial version is. Does the trial version create standalone versions, as i cannot find it. I need to test basic workflows how we would use it to see if it is the correct software for our requirements.


  • It does not create standalones because the standalones do not require a license for their respective usage. You can see what a standalone looks like on our gallery, there is a download section at the bottom. It's simply your Enscape Window with an additional menu bar to the left.