Enscape EXE on Surface Pro 7

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  • Hi Enscape Team,

    Our office has a numebr of Surface Pro 7s & EXE files open on them, they are the 16GB RAM versions, so they are pretty high performing laptops.

    Are we doing something wrong or are they just not capable?

    Also, can someone confirm if iPads are able to EXE yet? Previous conversations suggest they cannot & it would be great if this has solved.


    Rachcoff Vella Architecture


    • Official Post

    I'm afraid the Surface Pro 7 does not meet our system requirements, especially not when it comes to the graphics card I'm afraid. We have not yet implemented official iOS support for standalones, thus there is currently no way to execute (.exe) standalones on these devices either.

    Alternatively to upgrading/switching to another machine that does meet our requirements, you may also want to additionally/instead also use these tablets to view panoramas/panorama tours too. Just to make sure you're aware this is an option too.

    If any further questions come up, let me know anytime of course.