Nvidia Shield Gamestream 4K

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  • Curious if anyone has a Nvidia Shield and could clarify if one might be able to "gamestream" Enscape (standalones, or even live) to a ('n ideally 4K) TV from a meatier machine (nominally located elsewhere)? I have just learnt about the tech. (in the context of games) but have so far been unable to confirm if Shield might also support desktop (application) streaming.

    Essentially, we've found performance/useability suffers over RDC and other means of remote-ing (to our more powerful workstations) using our meeting room's (underpowered) PC.

    I know we could/should "just" move a better-specced unit into the meeting room, but that's fairly decadent given the time it'll sit idle, not to mention our pokier workstations aren't exactly SFF or silent.

    Happy to hear about alternatives, and thinking the thread should be simply "streaming" rather than Shield alone, but I needed a hook...