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  • Hi all,

    I work for a company where most people work from the shared office server, as I work from home I do not use that server. We've had problems in the past where someone works on an Enscape scene and saves it on the server, I then need to copy that scene to my own local drive in order to amend it - the problem is then I have missing Enscape materials and assets/trees+plants - I presume this is to do with the links not carrying across with the copied file. Is there a solution for this?... a way to embed all information into the file or else to relink the missing materials and assets?



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    Even though that may not always be ideal or possible if you wish to move a project and have its textures/models linked again, you have to ensure that the path directory of those files stays the same (For example C:\Textures\Bricks\texture.jpg) - I'm not sure about the server and server structure used at work but perhaps there still a way to keep these paths, or even a way to connect your home setup to that work server?

    And just as further information if of interest you can check out this knowledgebase article here which goes into detail how the custom asset library behaves and some potential workarounds to limitations, just in case you were relying on that too or plan to in the future.

    In case I'm missing something or you have any further questions let me know please - Any feature requests can also be forwarded using our portal if you wish to have product management receive them directly.

  • Thanks for your reply.

    Where do I set the location of Enscape's textures/models?

    Is there no way to embed everything?- like if I save a Rhino file out for someone externally I just save textures and it creates a separate folder with them, the same for 3DS Max, in Lumion all textures/trees/models can be embedded into the file - I only experience this issue with Enscape which makes it difficult for a team to work on the same file as we are not all linking to the same location.

    If I worked directly from the server the file would be incredibly slow and the larger the file the worse the issue, it's just not possible. I do have access to those servers but like I said I need to download everything to my local drive in order for things to function smoothly.

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    To further add: When it comes to moving textures/materials check out the Rhino materials section here on steps how to export and batch-import them, or alternatively you can rely on the import paths you'll see when checking out either your models or texture files in the material editor itself. If you've imported Assets from our Library themselves which are not custom they should still appear in your scene nonetheless.

    Furthermore some of my colleagues are making use of "Microsoft SharePoint" to work on the same scene without having to move files - I know this requires an additional software solution so I can understand if that isn't a viable option for you.

    Still, if you have a chance to use perhaps try SharePoint:

    - Create a main folder for the project.

    - Inside the main folder, make a sub folder for textures.

    - Add all the textures needed for the project into this sub folder.

    - Use the SharePoint Rhino file for your work, and everything should run smoothly

    For saving different versions, you can use something like: "projectname_version#." depending your preferences. Imported objects outside of the custom library you may want to also put those into another sub folder called "models" or "assets" for example alongside the other textures folder. Of course that is when you are using SharePoint, otherwise you will still have to make sure the paths match after transferring your scene.

    Thank you in advance for any further replies or questions what so ever.

  • Does the server appear as a drive letter when you are in the office? If so, get yourself an external ssd, and set the drive letter in Windows to be the same as the server. Use the same folder structure on that drive and Enscape will find the assets.


    If it is something more sophisticated, you could potentially get a network drive at home that attaches to your router, name it the same as the server at work and try to get it set up to use the same path. I've got minimal experience with networking, but it seems like that should be do-able. At any rate I'd focus on trying to replicate the path on your home PC before you have everyone change their workflow.