Globe Plants assets. Do I need to import each project individually in order to categorize?

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  • Hi,

    I have about 1500 assets from Globe Plants and we were looking for an easy way to categorize them. But I am running into issues that when I direct the source path to the folders they are unable to be categorized. Only assets that I 'Import Project' show up as able to categorize.

    GP_01 - Project asset locations and three assets I manually imported. They were categorized correctly.

    GP_02 - Export asset location

    Path - Source Path that included the set 'Ornamental plant pot' You can also see the three imported projects

    Now when I go to the Custom Asset Editor, only the manually imported projects are available to categorize. GP_05

    So my question is, do I need to manually import every project file from the Globe Plant asset packs in order to categorize them? It would be fine if you could batch import projects like you could .fbx or .obj files.

    Hopefully I am just doing something wrong and its an easy fix, otherwise I cant imagine manually importing 1500 projects.

    Thank you for your help

    I am using version 3.4.4

  • I have the same issue... And yes, I point to a folder with the GLOBE PLANTS already saved as ENSCAPE ASSETS...

    I feel like this CUSTOM ASSETS option could be exploited more... I think what you're asking (or what I'm asking) is can we just EDIT already saved enscape assets... for me, even if it means having to SAVE AS my own version.....

    1. Would allow me to categorize a folder full of assets

    2. Would also allow me to take a RED CAR (from the standard library) and save as BLACK or other color

    3. Would also allow me to colorize the vegetation a little more in sync with my location (most are too LIMEY for desert trees)

    Enscape, please consider some avenue to allow user editing of existing assets.