Glitchy/Jumpy Enscape renders

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    HELP! when running my Enscape renders, they are all jumpy and stuttering, any ideas what is causing this please.

    Thank you.

    Is there any chance you could perhaps record this behavior? It's a bit hard to troubleshoot this further without any examples what so ever, so that would be appreciated.

    Also, does this occur in all of your projects, or perhaps just a select one your are using currently for example?

    And just to make very sure, what exactly do you refer to with "Enscape renders" , perhaps you mean an actual rendered/exported video? If one of your exported videos is stuttery/jumpy than that is basically always a codec/media player issue - You can try something like VLC player which is free and should help with getting rid of this behavior.

    Thanks a lot in advance and let me know if I'm missing something.

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    walkthrough in we transfer please download.


    Thanks a lot, I'll be back with a further reply very soon, but I'm able to reproduce this behavior of yours as well.

    Could you meanwhile also let me know whether or not you are using our very latest release, Enscape 3.4.4 while exporting walkthroughs? If not, make sure to install it, otherwise if already done you can ignore this. Thank you again in advance.

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    Hi Demian,

    we are using the latest version of Enscape.


    Thanks for your reply.

    The video here at hand has been exported in 4k at 120 FPS, which is simply too much for most systems to handle. Even my relatively mid-high end machine does display stutters here with your example video.

    In this case, could you please re-export the video in 4k at 30 or at max 60 FPS instead? That should resolve the problem at hand and the difference shouldn't be noticeable that much, but keep in mind that depending on your GPU you may still experience some stutters even at 4k 60FPS (as that is still a lot of information to process), but I'd try that first.

    Last but not least I wanted to generally ask which GPU you are using? :) Just so I can let you know whether or not any further stuttering here might be expected or not.